Thursday, August 29, 2013

Why oh why does it have to end...?

Oh summer! You were fabulous as always! I will miss you so. Take care and come again next year!

I swear I had like, 27 posts from this summer! What the heck. Clearly, through no fault of mine they have been deleted. Or vanished. Or something. Because I have NOT been lazy this summer. Oh no. Never. I have NOT been just going to the pool with my kids. Or reading outside in the hammock. Or catching up on episodes of Real Housewives. Or eating entire bags of BBQ potato chips. I have been utterly, insanely productive and busy!

I'm sure of it ...

Well. Today I was! I went out and got started washer/dryer shopping. Or washer/dryer confusion. I hate shopping
for appliances. Someone just tell me which one to buy. And each brand should only have one model. Why so many choices? My tiny brain can only handle so much useless information. And while my intentions are honorable AND ambitious, I think we all know that I will probably only ever use the "normal" cycle. Maybe the "gentle" once a week.
I definitely will never read the manuals. And I will promptly lose the "no tumble shelf" and any other miscellaneous accessories. So really, what is the point!? So I am now armed with a sheets worth of information!
I thought I knew what I wanted but now my mind is pudding!

Next on my list was my happy place: HomeGoods! I got to meet with my friend/realtor/employer Shannon to do a
little shopping for their new real estate company and office space. If you live in Northern Virginia and need a great realty group check out Washington Street Realty! There aren't many things I like better than helping someone else spend their money! And doing some decorating as opposed to just staging for sale. So strolling through the aisles of HomeGoods was like a cleansing after the washer/dryer browsing. I just love that store. Like a sister. And she never fails. We found
a rug, a garden stool type end table, a couple baskets and a wicker trash can. We just needed some accessories.
And we found them. And all was right with the afternoon!
Next stop - field of sunshine and happiness! The sunflower field. The best idea ever (this week). There is a little farm
just outside the entrance of my neighborhood. They run a small farmers market and sell seasonal plants, veggies and such. They have a smallish field (as fields go anyway) and they are always growing something. Rotating pumpkins, tulips, sunflowers, etc... Pick your own! Or have a photo shoot. Or skip through the rows of flowers like Anne of Green Gables. Or picnic - seriously. There was a mom there today with her 2 little girls, and actual picnic basket and big pink quilt! Lucky mom of girls! My boys would have none of that. Unless there were pigs. Or a playstation. Or ice cream. Boys! Regardless. I love it! And all the girlie, wish-I-lived-on-a-farm feelings it gives me!
See! You smiled right? Sunflowers make everyone smile! I took some to my neighbor (her birthday was yesterday!)
And took one big momma one to my other neighbor
And then made myself a pitcher full!
And those lemons were already there! My innate blogger abilities are heightening so now I just have things like
bowls of lemons and fresh eggs and cutting boards with hand-picked-from-my-garden basil laying on them
all over the kitchen! HA! So there!
So that was my day. A lovely day. I promise to write more. And I will look for those lost posts too! You wait here! :)