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Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog! I live on the outskirts of Washington DC in Northern Virginia. Far enough away to get to the mountains easily, but close enough to get to the city quickly. And lucky me, right in the heart of wine country!
(That is me on the right) I get to see things like this ...
(so cute!) near my home which looks like this...
It is a 9 year old builder home. In my mind, I live in a 75 year old house with fabulous details and character! I want people to feel warm, welcomed and relaxed when they visit my house! I love to decorate and it feels great when I can do it for LESS! I am hoping with this blog I can share my tips and tricks to help others do the same!

I am a Home Stager by trade with Washington Street Realty. I love staging homes as well as helping people repurpose
what they already have in their home for redecorating. Sometimes all it takes is a little rearranging!

I am the glue that holds my testosterone-filled home together! I have a wonderful husband of 18 years. And my
3 sons. B is 16 and we spend a lot of time shuttling him to swim practices and meets. My twins C1 and C2 are 14.
The twins have autism and are a constant source of entertainment for us - oh, the things that come out of their mouths!
They are partially mainstreamed in middle school and if anyone has questions for me about them I am happy
to chat with you! Autism seems to touch everyone in some way these days.

I also have my 2 pooches we adopted from Friends Of Homeless Animals. Burley is our 9 year old "Bagel" (Basset/Beagle mix) and Black is a Black Lab/Staffordshire/? mix. They are my OTHER babies and keep me
company when I am blogging and doing my projects.
 And in the summer you will find me here most of the time:
 I hope you enjoy my blog!


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