Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My tips for getting a great Stitch Fix Box!

So my first Fix was such a success that I thought I would share some of the things I did to try and ensure this!
I feel like Stitch Fix is really good about getting the information they need from you. The Style Profile they have
you fill out is pretty thorough. Really take your time and fill this out well.
I googgled "Stitch Fix reviews" and read the reviews of a bunch of bloggers that have been getting "Fixed"
for a few months. Their advice will help you out a lot too. I really made my decision to try Stitch Fix
based on other bloggers opinions of the service and results.
The next tool you have is your note to your stylist. I included things about my body type. I let her know I have
a thick waist and short torso. I don't like items that are fitted through the middle. I prefer v-necks and scoop neck
because I am busty and they just look better on me. I let her know my style is mostly boho casual and I like to
keep up with the trends. I told them my favorite store is Anthropologie and I like brands like Sanctuary. I let her
know that it would be cool here for a while yet and so I was hoping to get tops with sleeves and light jackets. I did
receive one tank but only because she felt it was so close to a top I had requested on my Pinterest board.

Here is my latest message to my Stylist:
I am really hoping they keep Katherine assigned to me because I was just really in love with all the things
she picked out for me! She did an amazing job!

I also put a LOT of information on my Pinterest board. I included pictures of pieces I would love to get, outfits
that show my style and even actual pictures of myself so that they could see exactly what they were dealing
with! I searched on other gals boards for style ideas and pieces they had received. I tried to put a pretty decent
variety of types of outfits: dressy, casual, shorts, dresses and maxis.

After you receive your box you will also be asked to rate and comment on each item you receive.
This will help your stylist to fine tune your next box! So take your time and prep well and you
can start getting great Fixes from the very start too!

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