Saturday, May 24, 2014

Some small updates

Soooooooo. Wow. March. March was my last post! Good gravy! That is lame.


I still need to post more info on the powder room and the twins bathroom. In the meantime
I thought I would post on the pre-kitchen-fabulousness that is about to commence! If you recall,
I have been slowly changing my home from a warm color scheme
to cool. Long process when you do not have a bottomless bank account (thus the name of my blog!)
Here is the kitchen now:
The other problem would be the fact that when we built this home 7+ years ago I begged my husband to upgrade the kitchen cabinets with all the moldings and glazes Toll Brothers was offering. What I really wanted was a white kitchen. The only white option that was offered was the glazed and distressed look. Which I myself love. But if you have a husband in your home you know that look you get when you want to spend large amounts of cash on something that looks 200 years old. Now add to that look a loud "NO!". That was what I got. I have lived in 3 different homes and wanted a white kitchen in every one. But I have been talked out of it by my loved ones who convinced me it was "too trendy"! 20 years later… white kitchens are still popular! BAH! I am clearly surrounded by idiots!
So. Now the conundrum. I wanted to go ahead and change something in the kitchen to make it seem lighter and brighter - in a cost-effective, non-husband-mind-exploding way! After incessant and thorough Pinterest scouring
I knew I had a few options. Change out the existing granite to white granite or marble. Still pricey. Replace
the cabinets - not a option if I want to stay married. Have the already expensive and in perfect shape
cabinets painted white. Or just control myself paint the walls.
Now I have to say - all these ladies that chalk paint their own cabinets have my envy. There is no way I trust
myself with that job. It seems like it takes people weeks to get it done. I have a very small attention span when
it comes to projects. If it takes more than a day I get: a.) distracted b.) bored c.) tired! I am pretty sure I would
get one cabinet painted and then end up hiring someone to finish or better yet just leave it like that. Then
I would have to concoct some story to the husband about how it was a fantastic new trend! Eek.
Here is a inspiration photo via
Love! I even already have those pendants!
Back to the point. So then came the legwork. I contacted a couple of cabinet companies through Houzz.
No one got back to me! I was having a rough time finding a company or person to paint them - spray them
specifically. There was no way I was going to have just anyone take a brush to these cabinets! I knew that
spraying was the way to go. I did not need these cabinets looking like Huck Finn had painted them!
Again - life and limb are hanging in the balance here! But then I came across a neighbor's FaceBook post
recommending N-Hance Wood Renewal. N-Hance "stains"the wood. They can refinish or color change
for a fraction of what new cabinets would cost. They take all the doors and drawers to their workshop to spray
them and then come back to your home to hand paint the bases. Whee!

So, I have signed the contract. As with every project I am flipping between excitement and nervousness.
Should I add a glaze? Or just plain white? Agh!
But they are coming in 4 day! I am committed. I have decided to keep the island cherry. Fingers crossed. I will
update you all on the finished product. Promise! (stop shaking your head!) In a timely fashion! Pinky swear!

But just in case you don't hear from me. Check my husband's fingernails for dirt. Or my yard for a freshly dug mound!