Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Painted Kitchen Cabinet Review

Best Decision Ever!

Hey all! If you follow me on FaceBook you know I finally took a
huge, big plunge and had my cherry cabinets "stained" white.

Here is a picture of just the cabinets painted, before I striped the wallpaper down and had it painted.
It is so light and bright in the kitchen now. I really love it! It really feels like a whole new house.

I am so thrilled with the results, I wanted to give you all a review of the company I used, Nhance. This company
is a franchise and can also be found through Home Depot. I went directly through my local one owned
by Mike Steenson here in Northern Virgina. You can view his website HERE. Or give him
a call at 703-357-7468 and be sure to tell him Lisa sent you!
The process was pretty seamless. They took the doors and drawers off to their workshop to clean them,
then spray them with many coats of primer, followed by many coats of the white stain. At the last minute
(as in the day they showed up to start work) I asked them to go ahead and add a light brown glaze
on them as well. I love a contractor that happily accommodates my general indecisiveness
and does not roll their eyes (like my husband does)!
To paint the bases, some sheet plastic "walls" were put up around my kitchen and everything sprayed
the same as they did doors. The whole process took about 4 days. I opted pay a little extra to have them
immediately cured with their UV light which makes the cabinets durable and useable right away rather than
having to wait a few days for the paint to cure and harden naturally. It was well worth the few extra dollars!
Steve was great to work with. He communicated with me frequently to let me know how things were going.
I highly recommend this process to ANYone thinking of updating their kitchen. Especially if your cabinets
are in good shape and of nicer quality. For about $3500 my kitchen has a whole new feel - even the granite
and backsplash look better. That is a whole lot cheaper than purchaseing all new cabinetry!
Here is the kitchen with the wallpaper down:
And after the paint (Restoration Hardware Silver Sage):
We went ahead and ran the color through to the sunroom as well.
I was never really 100% happy with the color in there. 
Every time I staged a home with this color in it I fell in love with it a little more.
I am completely loving my "new" kitchen!