Wednesday, April 1, 2015

That Moment You Realize You Are Keeping Your Whole Stitch Fix Box. AGAIN!

Oh StitchFix. You complete me! I just received my second box and it seems the lovely Kathleen has
hooked me up once again! I got a fantastic box AGAIN with a nice selection of items. I love that I can give
my feedback and know my stylist will take my comments into consideration! Here is the note she included:
Lets get right to it shall we?! 
First up was this Jessie Basket Weave Detail Jersey Maxi Dress by Gilli. LOVE!
This is a super flattering piece for me with a nicely placed empire waist (Muffin top? What muffin top?!) 
Look at the great weaved detailing. So cute! This will get some serious play this summer!
 Next up were these Patrick Cropped Chinos by Level 99. When I first pulled these out of the box I thought
"cute but I really don't need those. I have some cute chinos I bought last year". Then I tried them on.
They are made of such a great stretchy fabric that they fit like a dream. Even my flat butt is looking
 pretty cute in these, if I say so myself! And the color is actually pinkish - very pretty!
 I had requested a olive green vest and Kathleen was excited to find this one for me by Kut From The Kloth.
I had pinned a similar one to my Pinterest board. It has a fun draped collar (I was too lazy and excited
to steam this out so it is laying a bit funny. Don't judge). The fabric is a lightweight linen, it has pockets
and a great shape to the back that enhances my waist a bit.
 Then there was this awesome Bellini Kimono from Papermoon - totally my kind of boho-type style!
The colors are so pretty and I know I can throw this on top of pretty much anything to take it from drab to FAB'!

The last piece in the box I was somewhat skeptical about. It was the Phoebe High-Low Skirt by
 Sugarlips. I feel like the hi-low hem is pretty trendy and may be a bit young for me. But again, as soon
 as I tried this on I was sold! The fabric if so soft and it also has a great little built in slip. 
And once again, after I figured out how much everything would cost, 
it was actually cheaper to buy everything and keep this skirt!
So it looks like the only reason I will be canceling StitchFix will be if my closet becomes full to capacity!
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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

My tips for getting a great Stitch Fix Box!

So my first Fix was such a success that I thought I would share some of the things I did to try and ensure this!
I feel like Stitch Fix is really good about getting the information they need from you. The Style Profile they have
you fill out is pretty thorough. Really take your time and fill this out well.
I googgled "Stitch Fix reviews" and read the reviews of a bunch of bloggers that have been getting "Fixed"
for a few months. Their advice will help you out a lot too. I really made my decision to try Stitch Fix
based on other bloggers opinions of the service and results.
The next tool you have is your note to your stylist. I included things about my body type. I let her know I have
a thick waist and short torso. I don't like items that are fitted through the middle. I prefer v-necks and scoop neck
because I am busty and they just look better on me. I let her know my style is mostly boho casual and I like to
keep up with the trends. I told them my favorite store is Anthropologie and I like brands like Sanctuary. I let her
know that it would be cool here for a while yet and so I was hoping to get tops with sleeves and light jackets. I did
receive one tank but only because she felt it was so close to a top I had requested on my Pinterest board.

Here is my latest message to my Stylist:
I am really hoping they keep Katherine assigned to me because I was just really in love with all the things
she picked out for me! She did an amazing job!

I also put a LOT of information on my Pinterest board. I included pictures of pieces I would love to get, outfits
that show my style and even actual pictures of myself so that they could see exactly what they were dealing
with! I searched on other gals boards for style ideas and pieces they had received. I tried to put a pretty decent
variety of types of outfits: dressy, casual, shorts, dresses and maxis.

After you receive your box you will also be asked to rate and comment on each item you receive.
This will help your stylist to fine tune your next box! So take your time and prep well and you
can start getting great Fixes from the very start too!

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Saturday, February 28, 2015

My first Stitch Fix box - and I'm keepin' it ALL!

Yeah, yeah. Its been a half a year (or more) since I have posted. Bah!

Moving on… (La, la, la - I can't hear you!)

~ Stitch Fix! ~

Alright ladies! I am already kicking myself for being so late to this party! For those of you that are not familiar, Stitch Fix is a fantastic company that steps in and intervenes on your bad fashion choices by doing all the shopping for you. Basically you sign up, fill out a few questions about things like your style (including your body type), which parts you like to flaunt and your lifestyle. You can even specify what your budget is for each clothing item. You will be assigned a personal stylist who you can write a note to specifying what types of pieces you would like. You can create a personal styleboard on Pinterest that your stylist will also view to use in selecting items for you. All this culminates in what I found to be a fabulous box of goodies delivered on your doorstep that will truly delight you!
Here is my box and the lovely pile I pulled out of it!  I was ridiculously excited when it arrived I'm embarrassed to say.
(I am pretty sure Black was annoyed this wasn't his Barkbox!)

Everything came wrapped nicely in tissue along with my instructions, style card and invoice.
Fresh from the box!

The Goods!

Here is my style card with a personal note from my Stylist, Katherine. Each piece is highlighted
on its own perforated card along with style ideas! It's like Garanimals for grownups!
Here is the Kearney Crochet top. I had a similar one pinned to my Pinterest board. It has some great
details and a bit of a high/low trim. This top will be cute as either a work shirt or to dress up jeans.
Speaking of, here it is paired with my new Kut from the Kloth Kate boyfriend jeans that were also in this Fix.
I really LOVE these! They are super stretchy so they are really comfortable and fit like a dream!
I am actually pretty shocked that the first pair of jeans they sent me fit this well!
 Now on to one of the pieces I actually requested via my Pinterest Board: The Analisse Anorak Jacket!
Adorable! The sleeves can be worn full length or rolled up with the tab. So the only glitch is that mine
is missing the inner waist cord so that I can cinch it around the middle. I wrote Stitch Fix and asked
them if they had a replacement and they are looking. If they cannot locate one they offered to let me keep it
for a additional 15% off. So if need be I will find a cute ribbon or cording to snake through the channel.
I am that desperate to hang on to this jacket!
 I am just so happy they even found this jacket - it even has a hood! Yay me!
 Next is the Remmie Ikat Maxi Skirt. I was on the fence about this one until I tried it on! The fabric is really soft
and silky with a nice drape to it. The added bonus is this skirt has a lightweight half slip sewn in so it is not see-thru.
I was being lazy and so I just threw the Martelli Scoop Neck Sweater over top the last ensemble. This is a great
little open weave sweater that will be perfect for our cool Virginia spring. This was the only piece I was just a
little bit on the fence about. But once I realized that it was actually cheaper to keep it when you factor in the extra
25% discount for keeping all 5 pieces, the decision was made for me!
 Here I am off to start my day super happy in my new jeans and one of my own tops.
I wore them the very day after I got my box! Love!
 So all in all I am more than thrilled with Stitch Fix. I think I will request the same stylist, Katherine, for
 my next box since I really feel like she gets me! I was also pleased that Stitch Fix really paid attention
 to my budget specifications and actually came in below what I was expecting.

Now don't get me wrong. I am a shopper. I love shopping! And I have no problem picking out my own
 clothes. But lately I have almost felt overwhelmed at the access the internet gives us to shopping. And I
really just don't have time to shop lately. Plus Stitch Fix is just plain fun. It is a happy little surprise on your
 doorstep and right now they have certainly earned a A+ from me!

If you would like to sign up for your own Stitch Fix I would love it if you used my referral code: USE THIS CODE.