Sunday, November 3, 2013


Yes! I am still here and so is my blog. I am so sorry but I was severely distracted by the summer! Then the start of school. Then hanging out with my awesome group of girlfriends! And enjoying the gorgeous Virginia wineries and scenery! I feel so lucky to have landscapes like this just minutes from my home.
But now it is time to get back on track and yesterday I returned to my old routine! It was off to the barn sales with
two of my gal-pals and boy, oh boy, was it fun!
And of course, the wine just happens to follow us wherever we go! (note the dixie cup!)
The weather was so crazy that day. I had changed out of a sweater into that cute tee because it was getting warm in Virginia that afternoon. By the time we got up to Maryland (only a hour away mind you!) it was about 20 degrees cooler. Brrr! I basically looked like a idiot as everyone else there had on coats and warm clothes except me! Durrr…
It was a great trip though. We started out at Chartreuse in Frederick, MD. This sale just keeps getting better! They have brought in some new vendors and the place was just packed with goodies. They had a nice fire going outside and the beginnings of Christmas decorations. It really got me in the mood for the holiday season! I came home with some fun, new ideas as well! Like these cute Mason jars - just fill with a little epsom salt for snow and a glittery snowflake! I will add a tea light and use them as cute path lighting at my holiday party! And the little matchbox car with the tree tied to it - so simple and cute!
I really like this idea as well. Any decorating project that incorporates recycled wine bottles is a winner as far as I am concerned! I already have a cute burlap sack that one of my awesome friends gifted me, and those signs look easy enough to make!
And then my favorite find - this guy:
I LOVE him! And the color goes perfectly with my new family room colors - see changes here.
Isn't he just fun and adorable?!
Now, I did break one of my rules and went to this sale with something specific in mind that I wanted to buy. I
typically never do this because when you are looking for a particular item you will almost never find it!
But recently I have been coveting these Pottery Barn Pillows. Just the cover alone is $69.50:
They look so cozy for winter though. I was so shocked and excited when I actually found a pair - the ONLY pair there!
The best part was these were only $39 each and that included the pillow inside!
I would have been happy if that was the only thing I had walked away with!
After Chartreuse we made our way over to Sweet Clover which is only about a 15 minute drive. We were running low on time so we had to be speedy! Sweet Clover has really ramped rings up since I was there last spring! The barn is now 2 levels and filled with so much great stuff! Traer Loves is now there - check out her blog. She has the cutest stuff and I am so excited she is there now! I bought a yummy Pumpkin Latte candle by Misty Blue Candles. And a cute flying pig chime that I plan to use in the kitchen as a dinner bell. I'll share that after I figure out where I am going to hang it!

Hope everyone else is enjoying their Fall!