Monday, March 24, 2014

Laundry Room reveal ~

I am so glad to be able to finally share some photos. This house has been a mess for a couple months now.
I'm overjoyed to have some projects finished and a end to dust and dirt being tracked all over! My dining
room table was a landing ground of crap for the entire time as well! Not a pretty site. I had a powder room,
upstairs bathroom and the laundry room all in various states of disarray while the work was being completed.
Typically I am much more organized and only focus on one job at a time. I'm not sure what happened
to my well laid out plans this time! Lesson learned though!
Without further ado… here is the before of the laundry.
Gold walls and the old washer and dryer. We previously had a utility sink in there as well.
 The door to this laundry room really ends up acting as our front door.
All our friends know to come to this door when coming over to visit. The laundry is right off the kitchen
and the area where one of us is most likely to be. So I really felt like it needed some dressing up.
So now -
LAAAAAAAAAA! Cue doves and harps!
My awesome contractor happened to come across a piece of granite that matches our kitchen granite. Originally
I was just going to put white laminate in and call it a day. I did not want to spend a ton of money in there.
But to special order a piece of laminate from the hardware store was going to cost me a couple hundred anyway!
This looks SO much nicer and I am thrilled we found this stone (by "we" I mean my fabulous contractor!).
 This is just so much more inviting to walk in to!
 The best part is I do not have to vault myself up and lay on top of the machines flailing a bent coat hanger
around every time a sock or something falls back there! There's some good fun - NOT!
 I still need to do some tweaking with the artwork and figure out where to hang the paper towels.
I may need to come up with a little project and paint a "laundry" sign for in there!
I really love having all that space to fold too. As a girl who hates doing laundry this room is now one of my favorites
in the house. Who would'a thought!

 Oh, and the color on the bottom - Gray Wisp - is the Ben Moore color I used in there.
Edgecomb Gray is in the hallway outside.