Monday, February 24, 2014

Help! I have created a monster!

Wheeeeeeeew! It is all crazy over here! Lots of semi-small projects going on. I am usually SO organized and
methodical going room to room with my updates. Not this time! I am all over the place - both ends of the house
and 2 levels! Yikes. Not good! I am mid-wreckage in the powder room, twins bathroom and the laundry room
is just getting started. Then just to add some extra fun I decided that if I was painting the laundry I should
also paint the mud room since they are right across from each other!

(disclaimer: I am NOT doing all this painting myself!)

Project One: The twins bathroom
 Very cute for two little boys, right?
 They always keep it so clean...
HA! Not!
So they are just getting older and I felt like it was time for a change. Or maybe some of the wallpaper was just
coming down. Long showers and toilet mis-fires! Whatever! Let's not fret the details! I spent about 5 days pulling
wallpaper down. Scrubbing walls. Wrestling with the border paste. My arms should look like Popeye's by now!
I was sore for days!
Way back when we moved in I thought this was such clever idea:
We used a piece of the border to make faux crown molding (by "we" I mean the wallpaper installers).
It's all fun and games until its time to take it down!
Now it's all bare bones in there:
 I even had the huge mirror/medicine cabinet taken down/out.
"We" added crown molding and bead board a little higher than half way up.
So that is on its way. Here is where I slapped the paint samples on the wall:
The one on the left is the winner!
Beach Glass by Benjamin Moore. I just can't get that beach theme out of that bath room, I guess!

More on the Powder Room update soon. But here is the before:
If you look close you can see the monkeys in that wallpaper. I really loved my monkeys! They were fun!
Oh, and clearly this shot is from Christmas. I did not keep a santa in there year 'round! LOL!
And YES, I have put it in storage by now!