Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My finds at Lucketts Spring Market!

Saturday was a fairly dreary day here in Virginia. But, my girlfriend and I decided to ignore the weather and drive
up to the annual Lucketts Spring Market anyway. We are lucky enough to live only about 30 minutes away.
People drive from all over for this thing! My girlfriend's son put it best when she dragged him up on Sunday
to pick up a item - "It's like a gun show for Moms!". That just made me laugh!

There are SO many vendors and it is truly overwhelming! We walked all the grounds. Did a speed-thru through the
Design Center. And barely peeked inside the actual Lucketts store. There were just SO many people!

The rain held out for us fairly nicely. It rained on the way up and then stopped when we got there.
Then it started up again just a little bit before we decided to leave. Thanks Mother Nature!

I so wish I had taken a lot more pictures! I was just having a little "junk-overload" moment! Here is a picture
from InMyOwnStyle.com - these great colorful tin letters would have made a great "bar" sign for our basement!
This was the booth of Carolyn Elizabeth Designs (visit her on FaceBook HERE or at The Cottage in Leesburg).
She has some wonderful upholstered goods and restored furniture. I was drooling over a pillow, but sadly there was
only one and I really wanted 2! I will definitely be visiting her in Leesburg.
Of course I was also drooling over this turquoise and cream room in the Design House:
I bought home 2 of these weathered white wooden stars:
They will most likely end up on the walls of the sunroom!
Here is the pair of salvaged shutters I found:

I was going to paint them but once I got them home I realized they actually match the sunroom nicely! I like that they
are "naturally distressed! I may buy a set of knobs to attach to them. I will probably just wait until I stumble across some
that scream "buy me"! I love how they give my sunroom a porch-y feel!

Did you make it to Lucketts Spring Market?!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Shut The Front Door - I'm so excited about my new buns!

Ha! Caught your attention with that one, eh? NO house stuff today! It's a hair post!
So here is the deal. I have great hair! I'm not being a jerk here. I just have really thick, wavy hair that at age 46
(yeah - I said it!) is just barely starting to turn grey. I used to dye it but I don't even do that anymore!
I just got lucky. Or something.

So the thing is - WHY can't I get a great updo out of it? I see all these gals running around with thinner hair and
these uber-cute messy buns and such. I would try to do that messy ponytail pull-through thing. It just would not work.
I felt like my hair wasn't "floppy" or fine enough to lay over well.

Once again, I thank God for Pinterest. Or whoever came up with it! I found this gals YouTube tutorial for
a Sock Bun through THIS link from www.DomesticMessMom.blogspot.com.
Holy smokes. I literally watched the video once, went upstairs and skeptically grabbed a old sock out of my sock
drawer (who the heck needs a whole drawer of socks? Clearly a project for another day!) and cut off the end
and made my "donut". I must live in a hole. I have never heard of this before!
So this is first try. It was awkward and I felt like it was gonna turn out a mess.
Anyway, here are some horrible iPhone pics I took!

 Next I will be searching for "Turkey Neck Reduction"! Ew. Bad pic but I'm keepin' it real!
So. I am in love! I used one hair tie, my sock donut and that is ALL! No bobby pins or hairspray or nuthin! A+

Added later that night: Another huge plus! When I took my hair down that evening my hair had some great curl and body to it! Joy!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Finally! My Sunroom Reveal!

Well I am FINALLY getting around to posting! Sorry for my laziness! Of course by now you should
have figured out that I am cheap AND lazy so it's not my problem if you are shocked! It has been a
whole month since I painted my sunroom. So let's get right to it! Here is the before:
And now the after:
Now THAT is a BIG change! Right?! I used the amazing Benjamin Moore Aura paint and
got that orange covered in one heavy coat and one touch-up coat. The color is Dune Grass 492.
Here is another view from the kitchen... before:
And after: (Remember, I hinted that my Haymarket sign was a hint of things to come!)
I love that the new color brings a coastal feel into the sunroom and into my home. I am definitely not a person
who plans out a room (when I am doing my own house). I start with something that inspires me and then
I just go from there. So I decided to bring in some accessories to go with the feel of the paint.
I got this starfish garland from Michaels.

Remember my clearance lamp from Pottery Barn? My lanterns are from Decor Steals. 
I absolutely A. DORE. this rope covered glass buoy I found at HomeGoods.

And I picked up this turquoise starfish topped mercury glass bottle at Pottery Barn. Couldn't resist!
These driftwood looking carvings are from HomeGoods as well. I put them on the wall above the look-thru from
the kitchen sink. It's funny how that spot looked fine when the walls were orange but empty after I painted.
 Here is my mantle that I picked up at The Empty Nest in Warrenton. If you have not visited Janet's shop
you need to! She is fabulously informative and happy to spend as much time with you as she can. I buy
my chalk paint from her and feel like I walk away with a new tip every time! (or a mantle!)
In fact, I stole this lighted scrap fabric garland idea from her when I was there! 
She used bits of pretty colorful fabrics but all I had handy was burlap and linen. But I love it. So cute!
 So that is the big reveal. I actually have more plans for this room but will be coming back to do those in a few months. The painting of this room has brought on a major whole house change! I will be taking the house from warm tones over to cool ones. So there will be a LOT more changes coming soon!

 Enjoy the sun this weekend if you are getting some - Burly is!
 And thanks again for stopping by! I'd love to hear what you think!
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