Wednesday, April 1, 2015

That Moment You Realize You Are Keeping Your Whole Stitch Fix Box. AGAIN!

Oh StitchFix. You complete me! I just received my second box and it seems the lovely Kathleen has
hooked me up once again! I got a fantastic box AGAIN with a nice selection of items. I love that I can give
my feedback and know my stylist will take my comments into consideration! Here is the note she included:
Lets get right to it shall we?! 
First up was this Jessie Basket Weave Detail Jersey Maxi Dress by Gilli. LOVE!
This is a super flattering piece for me with a nicely placed empire waist (Muffin top? What muffin top?!) 
Look at the great weaved detailing. So cute! This will get some serious play this summer!
 Next up were these Patrick Cropped Chinos by Level 99. When I first pulled these out of the box I thought
"cute but I really don't need those. I have some cute chinos I bought last year". Then I tried them on.
They are made of such a great stretchy fabric that they fit like a dream. Even my flat butt is looking
 pretty cute in these, if I say so myself! And the color is actually pinkish - very pretty!
 I had requested a olive green vest and Kathleen was excited to find this one for me by Kut From The Kloth.
I had pinned a similar one to my Pinterest board. It has a fun draped collar (I was too lazy and excited
to steam this out so it is laying a bit funny. Don't judge). The fabric is a lightweight linen, it has pockets
and a great shape to the back that enhances my waist a bit.
 Then there was this awesome Bellini Kimono from Papermoon - totally my kind of boho-type style!
The colors are so pretty and I know I can throw this on top of pretty much anything to take it from drab to FAB'!

The last piece in the box I was somewhat skeptical about. It was the Phoebe High-Low Skirt by
 Sugarlips. I feel like the hi-low hem is pretty trendy and may be a bit young for me. But again, as soon
 as I tried this on I was sold! The fabric if so soft and it also has a great little built in slip. 
And once again, after I figured out how much everything would cost, 
it was actually cheaper to buy everything and keep this skirt!
So it looks like the only reason I will be canceling StitchFix will be if my closet becomes full to capacity!
If you are interested in trying out StitchFix for yourself just use my referral link HERE!


Anonymous said...

Once again, you look great in EVERYTHING!! Such great stuff! Totally want to steal that dress. :o)

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