Tuesday, May 21, 2013

My finds at Lucketts Spring Market!

Saturday was a fairly dreary day here in Virginia. But, my girlfriend and I decided to ignore the weather and drive
up to the annual Lucketts Spring Market anyway. We are lucky enough to live only about 30 minutes away.
People drive from all over for this thing! My girlfriend's son put it best when she dragged him up on Sunday
to pick up a item - "It's like a gun show for Moms!". That just made me laugh!

There are SO many vendors and it is truly overwhelming! We walked all the grounds. Did a speed-thru through the
Design Center. And barely peeked inside the actual Lucketts store. There were just SO many people!

The rain held out for us fairly nicely. It rained on the way up and then stopped when we got there.
Then it started up again just a little bit before we decided to leave. Thanks Mother Nature!

I so wish I had taken a lot more pictures! I was just having a little "junk-overload" moment! Here is a picture
from InMyOwnStyle.com - these great colorful tin letters would have made a great "bar" sign for our basement!
This was the booth of Carolyn Elizabeth Designs (visit her on FaceBook HERE or at The Cottage in Leesburg).
She has some wonderful upholstered goods and restored furniture. I was drooling over a pillow, but sadly there was
only one and I really wanted 2! I will definitely be visiting her in Leesburg.
Of course I was also drooling over this turquoise and cream room in the Design House:
I bought home 2 of these weathered white wooden stars:
They will most likely end up on the walls of the sunroom!
Here is the pair of salvaged shutters I found:

I was going to paint them but once I got them home I realized they actually match the sunroom nicely! I like that they
are "naturally distressed! I may buy a set of knobs to attach to them. I will probably just wait until I stumble across some
that scream "buy me"! I love how they give my sunroom a porch-y feel!

Did you make it to Lucketts Spring Market?!


Online PhD UK by Dorothy Engle said...

The tin letters would certainly work as a bar sign or on a patio. I agree with you about the turquoise and cream room as well. These colors make rooms like bigger and brighter. If you are looking for character then the wooden stars would definitely bring that feel to a room.

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