Monday, June 3, 2013

My Backyard Oasis!

Ahhhh... my backyard!

I just love to work, relax and play in my backyard! For a very long time we did not venture off on a family vacation.
With twins with autism the relaxation factor just did not seem like it would really be there! So I decided years ago
I wanted my backyard to feel like a resort! So I could stay-cation every day!
Join me for a little tour!
Here is the view down the side of the house as you walk to the backyard from the driveway. I have lots of
blooming shrubs and flowers. 2 Camilla bushes right there by the side door stairs bloom very early in the spring.
Then there are the Columbines and Woodruff with some varigated Liriope thrown in. Everything has to be
deer proof in our neighborhood. Like REALLY deer proof! Our deer are hard core and have even eaten
my holly bushes before! I have a gorgeous big hydrangea next and them my fabulous fushia Rhody!
Here they are in full bloom! So gorg'!
Here's a closeup of the Columbines with the white Woodruff blooming behind them.
And now turning the corner to the patio - that's the Rhody at the end of its bloom time. 
(and my neighbor's house looming on the hill behind me!)
The dining area where so many of our fun nights with friends takes place.
And another overflow seating area...
 The patio is surrounded by beautiful red Crape Myrtles! I love all the red - reminds me of vacations in Mexico!
 The bed up against the house is filled with all sorts of different flowering plants. And some fun little statues too!
 My purple Spiderwort is one of my favorite flowers.
They close up in the evening and go to sleep and then open back up in the day!
 This is my lone Lupine. I bought it and 2 other in the clearance center at one of the local nuseries. I had no idea what it was (besides cheap!). Only this one survived 3 years later. I love it!
I have a LOT of flower pots all around the patio that I fill with all kinds of colorful plants. Over the years I have
figured out what the deer will avoid. It was a sad process of trial and error. There were many casualties!

 And I have a lot of ornamental grasses since the deer HATE those (thank goodness!)
 I love my Goldenrain Tree. This is a great tropical looking tree that has four season interest. It blooms with clusters of blossoms in summer, then gets these fun pods -  and then the pods turn red in fall.
But my favorite spot by far, is right here under the gazebo.
The hubs and I take a LOT of naps under here. The chairs are sooooo comfy. It is my favorite place to read
or just listen to music or have a drink with the hubs or friends.
There are a LOT of renditions of this photo throughout the summer!
Hope you enjoyed the little tour! And all the photos!


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