Thursday, July 11, 2013

Quick Update ~ Pub Mirror

Hi folks! Yes, it HAS been a while since the last post!

You notice how my post get farther and farther apart during the summer? Erk...

SO! After all the wallpaper removal and painting of course I needed to do some re-arranging and purchasing! First problem was the wall right by the garage door into the kitchen. I had a old Pottery Barn pub mirror with hooks there
that we hung our car and house keys on. After the wallpaper came down that mirror looked really puny on the wall.
Actually. It was a bit small even with the wallpaper. But whatever. So I decided that area really needed something
larger. I loved having the hooks there though. So my plan was to find a mirror at HomeGoods or something
and add hooks to make myself a new mirror. Of course, when you are looking for something specific you
can never, EVER find it. I ended up stealing this mirror from the sunroom:
And I found some oil-rubbed bronze hooks at Lowes...
I screwed 4 of those onto the frame. And voila! New pub mirror!
And it fills the space much better than the old one did!
This mirror actually started out pine (about 20 years ago). At some point I painted it black (also years ago!)

And of course I found a FAB' new mirror for over the sunroom mantle. It is on its way and I will show you that
as soon as it is in. I am very excited because I found a inexpensive version of a mirror I was all ready to splurge on!

Say tuned!


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