Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Christmas Decorating Morphing Out of Control

Well, I do it every year. I say I am going to keep it all simple. It starts out that way. I do just the mantle.
Then the tree. And the staircase. Then the buffet and the tree in the kitchen. That is plenty I tell myself!
Less is more! Sparse is sophisticated. Then I start adding. And adding. Then our holiday party is looming.
Then I panic and really get things going! I just can't help myself.

I will, of course, be cursing myself on January 1 when I just want it all down and put away!

Lets just get right into some pictures…
 We have a LOT of ornaments on our tree. They don't match. There is no fabulous, perfectly planned color scheme
like those other "professional" bloggers do. We have pretty, tacky, homemade, hand-me-down, photos,
and just plain odd… There is actually a Christmas spiderweb ornament in there somewhere!
I will do a separate post on them! Some are just hideous but I keep putting them on year after year
because, well... sadly, it really represents our family well!

View from the hall (yup, I did not even bother to move the dog beds!)

I changed the colors in the family room last summer so I made a new wreath to incorporate the blue.
Now I just need to bring the new colors into the mantle as well!
 Here is the sign I printed out on old book pages last year.
 I made a bunch of these cute christmas tree carting cars after seeing them at ALL the barn sales! So cute!
 I have a lot of random Santa figurines I have been gifted over the years. They just get stuck in among
my usual accessories on shelves and wherever I feel like putting them!
 Then there is the fun of trying to disguise the DirecTv box. Those things are so a-nnoy-ing!

 I am still working on these Ball jar votives to put outside on the walkway during my party...
And more of my boys old matchbox cars with trees...
 Things get really out of hand in the dining room. I really LOVE decorating my buffet!
 Is that too much? It might be to much…?

 Aren't those trees the cutest!? I bought those at the Chicks Picks sale. If you live in the Northern VA area
you really have to check out her sales. Hillary sells the cutest jewelry, accessories and home decor
out of her house once a month! It is crazy the amount of stuff she crams in there!

Birch wood, greens and old wine bottles! Re-use, re-use, re-use!

Thant's it for now!

Once I get everything finished and the house cleaned up I will do a nice cohesive post room to room!
Until then, well… I have just a few more things I need to do! Really. Just one or two...

Happy decorating to you!


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