Monday, December 30, 2013

My Crazed, Not-Perfectly-Planned Christmas Tree!

Soooooooo… I have really been enjoying all the holiday posts by other bloggers (read: real - "I write on my
blog consistently" - bloggers!). I love to see all the fun and creative ways they decorate their homes. All perfectly
color-coordinated and precisely planned. Right down to their amazing trees that are themed and amazingly
matched to the rooms they sit in!

Then we have my Christmas tree. Ah, yes. It is adorned with the most chaotic, tacky, odd selection of
ornaments you have ever seen! It pretty much looks like a blind and drunk orangutan decorated it!

We have a very wide variety of baubles adorning our tree:
Lets start with a couple of our many versions of Santa doing various things! Santa in a car:
And Santa riding a cat:
Santa napping in a chair. "Born to snooze"? Uh… okay…?
Not so strange. Lets move on to 13 years of hand made ornaments from my children. 
I am pretty sure this looks JUST like a snowflake… or a "F" project?! Pretty stingy with the glitter I'd say!
Gingerbread Man… with a tracheotomy?
 Teachers can fashion a handprint into ANYthing. Apparently...
 Keep in mind that I have 3 boys so I have all these lovely ornaments in sets of 3! My mother also decided I needed ornaments with pictures for each boy every Christmas. 3 boys + 16 Christmases = TOO MANY! Uncle!
 And onward to randomness - a football helmet ornament for the hubs:
 And I am sure you all have a Christmas whale on your tree! Right?
  Pink elephants? Actually this one is a personal favorite!
And Christmas Dinosaurs:
And ornaments for the dogs of course (of course!).
That just a whole lotta' everything on that tree, right? Sadly it represents our family SO well I just can't change a thing. It's really just best viewed from afar though...
Hope you all had a great holiday! Happy New Year!


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