Monday, December 17, 2012

Easiest Holiday banner ever!

So, this was just a super easy project I did after visiting a local plant nursery. They were selling a similar one there for $29. I have been picking up some old books at barn sales and antique shops. I just tore a few pages out and printed the letters on. Then I placed all the pages in a stack and hole punched them at the top so they would be even. The last step was to thread some twine through the top. I mean seriously folks, it does NOT get any easier than that! Try printing the letters in red or green, using ribbon - whatever floats your boat! I had a old copy of "A Christmas Carol" I was going to use but my son has stolen it and decided he needed to read it - since it is Christmas time!
Here is a second banner I did with the letters red. I like the look of the bottoms cut as well! (I promise I will work on my picture taking as time goes along!)


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