Sunday, June 23, 2013

Quick Update!

Hello friends. I just wanted to post a quick one on my latest, spur-of-the-moment update!
I got a lot of questions on my FaceBook post when I said I was doing this.
If you've read my bio or know me you know my love for older homes. But I live in a 7 year old builder home
(which I still love) but it just lacks some of the character of a older home. I am trying to add details
to make our home look a little more custom and detailed.
My home has a mixture of mostly shiny brass and some silver door knobs. I love the look of the
oil-rubbed bronze knobs though. Of course after pricing out all three levels of my house I decided I would live
with what I have! But then after seeing multiple other blogs on spray-painting door knobs I was intrigued!
And then I went on a staging appointment for a friend/neighbor/client and saw that SHE had sprayed all
her knobs. That was IT for me! Her home just looked SO much nicer with those knobs!
After much research, I decided which combo of wash, sand, prime, paint I wanted to try. The idea of
doing ALL my knobs at one time was a little daunting so I am just starting with the main level.
I took the knobs off and lightly sanded them with a 330 grit block. I skipped the "wash first" step some
recommend. I have to dust them all off after I sanded anyway!
I pushed the knobs and screws into some foam I happened to just acquired (I hope that new
slow cooker does not have to be returned for any reason! They may question the now black foam!)
The screws are there to the right in the photo. I also decided to skip priming. Crossing my fingers that that
was NOT a mistake. Let us remind ourselves of the fact that I am a instant gratification kid of gal!
Anyway, it was a nice hot, sunny day the day I did this. I did about 5 light - LIGHT I said! - coats of oil-rubbed
bronze letting them dry about 15 minutes in between. I then let them dry outside for the rest of the day
(although overnight on the bathroom and pantry knobs that will get used frequently).

All dry! Now. Don't screw up your nice handy work at this point! I wrapped my knob with a washcloth
while I put the screws in. The screws are at a weird angle and one of my knobs got scratched by my screwdriver
when I was reinstalling it. Learn from my mistake people!
They just look so much nicer! And I know they keep saying brass is coming back in. I. Don't. Care!
These look so much nicer to me. What do you think?
I will get to the hinges (the ones that show anyway!) maybe soon. I am just going to purchase the little latch
plates since those only cost about $1.00 each. I figure those will scuff up from wear and tear if I don't.


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