Monday, February 4, 2013

A new life for dated decor

Here is another really easy way to update some old decor! Why waste money on new things if you can re-vamp old?
This was my first time trying this method so I was very interested to see how this was going to work out!
I had a old set of decorative pots I got probably 12 years ago from who knows where. Maybe Home Goods since I get SO many things from there. I was over the garden theme and they were sitting on a shelf in my laundry room nested with the original design turned towards the wall. See the original below!
The Growing Bulbs pot was the only one I had not painted before I remembered to take pictures! The other two are painted over with - what else - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Old Ochre. You can still see some of the original design underneath if you look close. That was with one coat. After I put on a second coat it was completely covered. I could have stopped there. They looked just fine repainted in this creamy off white.
But I really wanted to try this print transfer technique I had pinned from HERE . I ran into a little bit of a problem, but overall it worked pretty well. In a nutshell, you print out your graphic (I got mine from The Graphics Fairy HERE .) as a reverse print from your printer. Then use ModgePodge to attach the graphic to your pot. Let it dry COMPLETELY. Then wet the image (I used a damp sponge) and carefully roll the wet paper away with your finger.
Now I had a little problem with my ink smudging some. I may have over worked it. Or not let it dry long enough. But it still looks great and it just kind of adds to the vintage feel, in my opinion. Or at least that's what I am telling myself!
I will have to try it again and see if I have the same problem. Such a cool idea though!
I went ahead and spread the love on the other 2 pots and did them both differently. I went back to the trusty old Sharpie technique on the No. 15 pot. I don't love it though because it is just too dark and bold. I may need to dry brush some paint over the top to tone it down some.
The France pot got a stencil. I knew the paint would run a bit and give it a messier look which I like better. But the transfer method won hands down! So I will need to perfect that! Who knew how handy the printer could be! And now I have some "new" containers to hold art supplies in!


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