Thursday, February 14, 2013

Filler Conundrums!

Lets chat a little about fillers! No, no, not Juvaderm or Botox!
You know, decorative fillers for vases, bowls and hurricanes! =o)

When I was sitting in that Pottery Barn class last Sunday I was peeking around trying to come up with some
fresh ideas for swapping out some of my containers. In the past I have used the popular ones. I'm sure we have
all used those containers of mixed filler you can get at: Pier 1, Target,  HomeGoods, anywhere really.

Here is a picture of the filler and vase aisle in Target. All sorts of filler!

I have also used pinecones, coffee beans (smell so good with a vanilla candle!), shells, rocks, acorns, cranberries,
faux lemons and more. These are all the popular ones. And while they work great and look good, sometimes you just want something new, right? Remember the little marbles and glass pods were so popular?

Look at that! $10 for wine corks!? Why would anyone need to BUY wine corks? Confusion...?

I switched out my dining room hurricanes recently to wine corks. Am I the only one who saves these?
You just gotta and they are great fillers for pretty much anything. I have picked up a lot of old finials and
architectural wood pieces lately at Lucketts Antique Store. They are usually pieces of stair spindles and
old trim work. I love those thrown in a bowl or in my carpenters box.
I still love all those decorative balls you can pick up everywhere too.
I like to mix textures to create a little more interest. I have moss, feather, twig, ceramic and wood ones.

Think out of the box when you are looking for fillers. I think old tarnished silverware would be fun and different. What about pool balls? Rope or twine? Even old spools of thread. You could shred up newspaper or paper bags (but make sure you use battery operated candles with those!). One of the Pottery Barn catalogs had old nuts and bolts as filler.

Well I'm done randomly musing about fillers. Sorry it wasn't the kind you were thinking! Although I could
share my secrets on that too I guess. Or I guess I just did! Oh well!

I hope I gave you some fun ideas! Please share your own creative filler ideas!


Eclectically Vintage said...

I share your confusion on buying wine corks! I could fill 25 bowls with what I drink in a month - ok, maybe not that many ... but close!

Love using random things as filler - love your collection of spindles!

Lisa Hoagland said...

LOL! Right? Such a mystery to me!

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