Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Old junk is now new junk!

Mostly I am a purger! If I am not actively using something or it doesn't get used a couple times a year I get rid of it! The only exceptions are my china and silver (which I have probably only used once!) and my wedding dress! I think when we moved a few years ago it cured me of compulsively saving. Or maybe watching Hoarders did...?
But every once in a while I save something because I just have a feeling. Does anyone else ever do this? I am praying at least one or two of you are saying "Sure!". Anyway, we received some wine as a gift from one of my hub's clients one Christmas. I saved the wooden box it came in. In our old house I used it on top of our kitchen cabinets as a riser for some decorative plates or something.
 I like the box itself, especially the little knothole in the front there.
The top just slides out. I never really liked that stag on the top. It just looks, I don't know, a little too huntsman for me. (And yes, those peeps in the bowl were my snack while I did this project! At least I shared the first two rows with my kids!) And the wood is just plain, unfinished. Too "new" looking for me.
I took the lid off and grabbed my Minwax Early American Wood Finish to give it a little color. I gave it 2 coats and let those dry.
We got both a bottle of red and a bottle of white in this box.
So there was a little divider in the middle. I went back and forth about whether to leave that in or not. I stained it along with the rest... And THEN decided I didn't want it in there. So I removed that. Not as easy as it sounds. That sucker was in there tight!
Now. Where to put my new "vintage" wine box?!
I had this little arrangement on a wine buffet in the kitchen. That owl is just my favorite little accessory right now. Owls are SO popular right now. And mercury glass. This one is just TOO cute! Guess where I got him. GUESS!!! HA! Walmart! Love!
Just so friggin' cute!
My little boxwood came from my favorite store, HomeGoods.
Do they look cuter in there? Hmmm. I'm still deciding. (That is our bulletin board on the wall. Where I keep our family calendar, schedules and misc papers). Oh. I also took a Sharpie marker and colored in the letters to darken them up a bit. I' so glad I saved it. Even if I don't keep it in this spot!

Maybe I will turn the top over, hide that deer and make a cute sign too!


Cheryl Thomas said...

You are Fabulous!

Harpo said...

So, I think you should look up why the winery is called Stag's Leap and why a Stag is there logo. Pretty cool story if I remember correctly.

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