Monday, February 11, 2013

Addicted to cloches

So as I was saying in my last post about the Pottery Barn class, I am really addicted to cloches right now. I have to keep talking myself out of buying too many! I even talked my friend Cheri into buying one the other weekend. I knew if I couldn't get her to buy it I would snap it up myself. Plus it was a great deal and she really needed one. Now I can visit it just 2 doors down! LOL!
I don't know what it is about them... But I just can't get enough!
 This one is in my dining room with moss, feather and twine balls in it...
 This one is in the foyer with a birds nest and eggs (I needed a little spring in my house to get me through the winter!).
 And this one in the living room has some shells. And some funny little straw sproingy things.
And these wire cloches are also in the living room.
I got these from One Kings Lane. Or was it Decor Steals (2 of my favorite online home stores along with Antique Farmhouse and Joss and Main!).
Here is my foyer vignette again. I added the cloche last and it just made such a difference.
The glass block has white lights inside and gives the foyer a nice glow at night.
You can only use candlesticks, bowls and vases so often.
AGAIN - forgive my photos! I am getting much better with my Canon Rebel but a freaking sunny day would be really helpful! I think we have only had 3 this year!
Anyway, what decorating item are you obsessed with?!


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