Friday, January 31, 2014

Another Pinterest Success!

Hi everyone! I hope you are keeping warm wherever you are! It is super cold here in Virginia. We are getting
a nice little warmup this weekend though. I feel like the groundhog at this point -
I may come out of hibernation this weekend though!

I was all ready to have my leather ottoman reupholstered. Then I cam across - what else - a great Pinterest tip!
Well I dove right in to see if it would work. Because money saved is money I can spend on another project!
Look at how horrible this was looking. It sits in front of a chair in our family room and gets a lot of use!  The leather
is very soft and scratches so easily. I was pretty skeptical that it could be revived. Look at how the leather is so
scratched that the top layer is scraped off! This would be what you call "overly distressed"!
And it really just looked like that from end to end. I swear, it looks like someone threw it off a cliff!
So the Pinterest tip said to just rub some olive oil onto it and then buff it off with a dry paper towel. I used a old white
tee shirt to wipe the oil on. This poor thing was so thirsty it just sucked the oil right up. I worked in small sections
and just really rubbed it in. Here is the picture of me just starting to work on it! That is the first little spot I did.
You can see how quickly it is making a difference!
Here it is all finished:
The ottoman sucked up the oil so much I did not even have to buff with the paper towel.
I guess the leather was that dry! Yikes!
I may actually go back and do another coat.
So. Pinterest is proving to be a great resource if you actually end up doing all the things you pin!
Whoo-hoo! Success!


Robin Spires said...

Holy Guacamole, Lisa!! It looks fantastic! Great share!

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