Monday, January 13, 2014

Revive your old dinnerware!

I am so excited to share this with you! I have been contemplating buying new plates for a few months now.
More specifically, I have been drooling over this Pottery Barn set:
Yummy! I just love the color! Those of you that follow along know I have been bringing this color in all over
my house. Of course since I have a family of 5 I need to purchase 3 sets (annoying!) to be able to get 2 meals worth
of dishes without having to run the dishwasher. I like to really pack the dishwasher to beyond capacity you see,
so I only run it every other day! Don't ask. It's a weird control/OCD thing!
So doing that is going to set me back a quite a few beans. And I still am recuperating from a near death
 experience caused by viewing the Christmas credit card bills.
Pinterest to the rescue!
More specifically Bar Keepers Friend! Apparently this can remove/reduce those annoying silverware marks
 that accumulate on your plates making them look old and dingy!
Like these:
And here is a close-up. Mine were SO bad! It's like Edward Scissorhands ate of these!
Ack! That is embarrassing! In my defense, these plates ARE 13 years old! And only one
small chip so kudos Pfaltzgraff on the amazingly tough plates! You deserve a award!
In comes Bar Keepers Friend...
I bought both kinds (from Lowes) since I wasn't sure which one I would need and they were cheap. I
 ended up using the first one pictured which is the powdered (the second one is the liquid form).
I just hand-scrubbed each plate for about a minute and VOILA!
Same plate! Before and after! Some of the really bad marks did not come out. But holy smokes! Can you
believe that! Sadly, I still want those dang gorgeous turquoise plates from Pottery Barn. But at least I
 can save these and pass them on to my son without feeling like I am giving him some hideous old junk!

Can I get a "what-what"?

I'll just tell you "you're welcome" now! :)

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