Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Time to get real. And admit my addiction...

Well in my last post I hinted at the fact that I may be a teensy bit OCD. I am. There is no denying it.
It's not too terribly bad. Not in a really horribly noticeable way. Just little things. Like, I can't fall asleep if the
closet door is open. I can't focus if a pantry or cabinet door is cracked. Or carry on my day in any
sort of sane way if I, say, forget to put earrings on. I always get complimented on my tidy house
but it is really driven by my little OCDs!

So. On to my next confession. I have a serious addiction. Compulsion. Whatever you want to call it.
Either way -
it's really not healthy. I can't control myself and I just keep doing it over and over again.
It affects my family. And my friends enable me as well.

So I am here to come clean!

Candles. Scented candles. I just can't stop! : ) (Sorry, I'm sure you were expecting something more exciting!)

They have their very own cabinet in my kitchen.
Yup. 2 full shelves worth. Stacked up. Summer scents, Fall scents, Holiday scents. The smell pretty much
sucker punches you in the face when you open the drawer above this cabinet!
I ran into my neighbor in HomeGoods the other day. She asked what I was shopping for.
I said "apparently this candle that I totally do not need!".
So I am on a mission! I am going to burn a candle every day until I get through this ridiculous stash!
Here is the one burning in the kitchen today - Yankee Candle Autumn Wreath:
But I have them tucked all over the house. There are 4 around the kitchen alone!
Here is one in the crate on my dining room buffet...
 And another under the buffet...
 Up on the corner of the family room mantle...
 On the coffee table in the family room...
 AND that smaller container on that table is another in the family room! That is too many for one room.
In my defense we do have a bagel (bassett/beagle) dog who can have some fairly intense gas!
Sorry to out you Burly - I still love you though! (aw, look at that face!)
And I have candles in the bathrooms, the master bedroom and basement too. Stop the madness!
BTW. That candle I got from HomeGoods is a Yankee - Coconut and Sea Air! To. die. for! : ) But I told myself
I can't light it until I get through some of these other candles! Candle rehab starts now!


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