Tuesday, January 7, 2014

DIY Earring Frames

Since I have been hibernating in my house with a virus and then all these deep freeze days I have been doing
a lot of organizing! I have thrown out a ton of things and donated a huge pile as well! And plenty more to go!
Today, as I was going through my office I found some old picture frames. I had previously taken the glass
out replaced it with linen covered cork. For a short while one of my hats was a Stella & Dot consultant and I used
the frames as part of my jewelry display. Funny how office organizing turned in to Earring Holder making...

Anyway, now they look like this:
So my supplies were things I already had in my house. I love that! The frames - I had 2 - and the tin. As you
can see below the tin sheets come as silver. You can find the sheeting at Lowes. You will probably have to
ask for some help finding it. It was in a odd place at mine! I did have to buy the clippers for the tin too. Do not ruin
a pair of your scissors - it WILL NOT WORK! Below you can see the original frame with the linen.
It was starting to stretch and become baggy from use.
I had previously bought a sheet of the tin for this project:
That used to be my huge ugly white louvered intake vent! See that project from last year here! So I had already sprayed the entire sheet with Rustoleum Oil-Rubbed Bronze. This leftover scrap was perfect for my new little project!
I just clipped the tin down to size so that is slipped right into the grooves that used to hold the glass in.
Easiest project ever, I swear! You know I only do it myself if it is monkey-proof!
I hung some earrings on there and even a couple belt buckles!
Now I just need to decide if I want to leave them sitting on the shelf or hang the two of them on the wall.
They are nice and sturdy so you can really load them up. Believe me - they only got a couple things for
the photos but I will load them up soon! I have a serious jewelry/clothing addiction! I will need to
give you all a tour of my closet soon. It's like a mini-boutique in there! I love it!

In the meantime stay warm everyone!


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