Saturday, January 5, 2013

A quick and tiny update for in between seasons...

So now all the Christmas decorations are down and its too early to start "springing"up the house. Wah. This is the really the time of the year I hate the most. Winter is pretty much useless to me once the holidays are past! I guess that's why people focus on organizing in January and February. So I, like everyone else, start clearing out the clutter and junk! I already cleaned out the storage room. What I really need to do now is organize my office. (insert procrastination here!)

La, la, la... Moving on!

My mom was here visiting over Christmas and commented on the trunk I use for a coffee table in my kitchen sitting area.

She suggested I use it to store my holiday dishes or something. Seriously. I thought it was sitting there empty! Well, I opened it up and found some stuff in there I did not even remember were there! I love that! There was a basket... full of pinecones no less (glad I went scouring around the neighborhood for all those pinecones - Duh!), a small burlap coffee bag (wheels turning!) and some other odds and ends.

SO... this year I bought cream colored poinsettias because I though they would transition better from winter to spring. I had them on my living room coffee table in a little snowman bucket for the holidays. Obviously that had to go with the other holiday decor because I am now in the denial phase of winter. What better to put my little poinsettia in than the burlap coffee bag?! Think outside the box!

By the way, that cute wire bird cloches with the candle in it is from If you are not signed up to that site you need to be! They have the BEST stuff at really great prices! FAB-U-LESS!

I recently spruced up my living room and I really love it. I will post on that soon!


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