Tuesday, January 8, 2013

My Living Room - made to LIVE in!

Let me preface this with a little about me and my family. First of all, I am the ONLY female in this house! There is my hubby, my 14 year old son and then my 12 year old twin boys. And then my two male dogs. LOTS of testosterone floating around this house! I love to hang out with my family... mostly. Here is the problem though. When football season is in full swing (like now!) I just do not want to sit and watch every game with them. Don't get me wrong. I can sit through a couple of the good games. The big games. But every pre-show and college game.... Um, no thanks. So I like the idea of being on the same level of the house with them (it's really just the Hubby ad older kid watching these) but I can only subject myself to so much football.

So I recently "did" my living room. We have been in our house 6 years. When we first moved in I was a CAbi clothing consultant. I loved selling the clothes and still love the brand. My living room was my "store". I had a few pieces of furniture in there but by no means was it decorated. It was just mostly a showroom.
But now...

Here it is! I really love it so far. I still have a little tweaking to do. I'd like to bring in some more color. Right now it's very neutral with golds, creams and browns. I would love to pop a little more green in. But it is OH so comfy! The sectional, the pillows, the lighting... oozing comfy! So I can come and sit in here and read and still be near my boys but in my own little comfy, feminine oasis!

There are just a lot of details in here that I love. And really the only pricey item in this room is the sectional which is from Michael Thomas. My zebra print chairs are from Havertys and the ottoman is from HomeGoods. And the window treatments were like $29.99 from JCPenney! How do you like THAT?!

The trellis rug was a black friday purchase from Overstock. The 2 pieces of art on the left wall are from Home Goods. The clock is from AntiqueFarmhouse.com. The oak side table was actually a washstand from a bed and breakfast my husband an I stayed at before we were married. I love that that piece has such meaning for us. I feel the same about the dress form (I was a Fashion Illustration major at college). There are also some subtle seaside touches in this room with the seagrass shade on the lamp and a few shells on the tables here and there.

My first Annie Sloan Chalk Painted item is in this room too! 

So lots of things I love are in here which makes it a perfect room for me to escape to! Here is my leftover live poinsettia from Christmas - dare I try and keep it going until next Christmas?! And my 2 bird wire cloche pillar holders that I got recently from One Kings Lane (another favorite shopping source!)

So that is my "new" Living Room! I will update after I get the art on the walls finished to where I love it. 
Do you have a favorite spot in YOUR house?


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