Thursday, January 3, 2013

All tidy! And a project YOU will want to do!!!

Well, my house is all back in order! Christmas decorations down and stored. House thoroughly cleaned (Some by me and some by cleaners! Go ahead - judge me!) Storage room got all pared down and re-organized. That is my wall of wreaths on the left there. I LOVE that! It is just some pegboard nailed onto the studs and all my wreaths hang off the little metal arms that fit into the holes. I love it and it makes my life SO much easier!

I would REALLY be psyched if all my boxes were matching ('cause I'm anal like that) but for now this will do! I can walk in here without hyperventilating anymore!

Here is the other side of the storage room - NOTHING on the floor! 
Ahhhh! Love. Ok, enough of that...

And NOW...

My intake vent re-vamp!

Now for the project that will make you say "WHAT?! She is genius!" LOL! 

Sadly, since I am just getting my blogging groove on, I was not smart enough to take a before picture. 
But basically here is the corner of the old intake vent that was SMACK in the middle of my hallway. Don't all you people in newer home have this? Mine is about 25" x 25" and is just in the highest visible spot possible (same as it was in my LAST house! Grrrrrrr...).

I was inspired after some Pinterest trolling - so I guess I can't take full credit on this one.  Anyway... ready?

So BEFORE - big WHITE louvered ugliness! 

And NOW - it's all vintage - looking bronze tin!

See the close up? I got the tin sheeting at Lowes. It is called Cloverleaf and comes in a 24" x 36" silver sheet. It was in a weird spot over near the keys and paint and stuff. It took me 30 minutes and 2 different clerks to help me locate it! I spray painted it with Rust-o-leum Oil-Rubbed Bronze spray paint. The frame is just a piece of wood trim cut and picture-framed together. The type with a notch in the back. So you would use it to lay as a chair rail on top of beadboard. I painted that black and just staple-gunned the tin to the back. I have a LOT of black in my house so that is why I went with black. 

Anyway. SO much better than that old ugly eyesore, right?!

That is all for today! The sun is finally out here! I'm a happy girl!


Deborah@Green Willow Pond said...

I hate those standard ugly white registers and intake covers! I need to redo some in our house too. Nice upgrade!

Thank you for sharing it at What We Accomplished Wednesdays. Have a great weekend!


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