Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Surefit Slipcover Review - or - My "New" Couch!

I have a love/hate relationship with one of the couches in my house. Okay. More than one... But today we will focus on this one that is in my master bedroom sitting area.

I bought this couch about 14 years ago when we moved into our first house. It was fairly inexpensive already but I got it on sale as well. I love a good deal! Love.

So I still really like the lines of this couch. The back has that little bit of a curve and the seat is SUPER deep! It's just perfect in my sitting room where I curl up with my pooch to watch my chick shows that my boys just roll their eyes at! What I am not so in love with is that dated burgundy striped fabric. Bleech. I already ditched the original pillows and added some others in browns and golds in a effort to make it blend with the room better. Did. Not. Work. Now I know we are going to need to buy new or reupholster our family room couches soon. So I will not sabotage myself by even SUGGESTING that we buy a new couch for this room. The rest of the master is done in cream and browns. So I am thinking a cream or linen couch would really look nice in here. And I am the only one who uses this couch (other than aforementioned dog) so it should stay fairly clean.

So I decided to take a chance, and ran to Target this morning. I am a total instant gratification girl so once a idea is in my head I want it done ASAP! Like, YES-terday! There wasn't much selection but they had the exact one I wanted/needed/ thought would work. That NEVER happens to me. I mean, really, never. This one is just a nice plain, cream sailcloth. The SureFit website is selling it for $109 but at Target it was $55! Lovely!

Here it is when I initially got it pulled down over the couch. I was nervous, I have to say. I had a bad breakup with a slipcover before so I went into this somewhat skeptical.

It was really wrinkley so I steamed it before I tucked it in completely since I knew that would affect the drop some. So far so good. And I'm loving that it matches my bench turned coffee table!

Here it is completely steamed and pulled over the couch and tied

And with the pillows added...

Do you now see what I see? No, not that my photo is bad... Of course. I need NEW pillows now! Those are not doing it for me. I am thinking some linen and/or maybe burlap ones? Maybe stenciled. Or grain sack? I will wait for an epiphany to hit! By the way, this picture is AFTER I sat down and scrooched around a little! So it seems to be staying put pretty well.

Sad though because I LOVE these ruffle-y pillows I got at Pier1:

I'm going to have to figure out how to make those cuties work.

But, OH - it looks SO much better in there already! And for only $55 dollars! Yay!


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