Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013!

Happy New Year everyone!

I am so eager to get started on this new year of 2013. I am really determined to streamline my life. That includes organizing my home AND my work life. 

In the past I have dabbled in some direct sales jobs that were GREAT when my kids were younger. I really needed something outside of the house a few times a month that made me feel like I had other skills than Mommy and Homemaker (not that there's anything wrong with that!). Now that my family is older I find it is actually harder to be gone! So I am paring down to just focusing on my Home Staging business and my long list of projects! I'll let you in on more on that list another day!

So on this first day of 2013 I am off to a GREAT start! The house is restored to its pre holiday state. In packing up the decorations I decided to semi-gut and re-organize our storage room. THAT was a project. I started right after my breakfast of (frozen!) french toast and next thing I knew it was 12:30! Whew. Hubby smashed a toe moving some heavy shelving. Not good. Other than that it went fairly well!

Since I was taking down the trees I thought I would share a few shots of some of my fave ornaments from my personal tree. I have my own girlie tree in the kitchen filled with just fun, cute ornaments from my friends or that I pick up myself! SInce the rest of my household is all male - well you can imagine what our other tree looks like!

This is a glittery shoe (duh, right?!) since I love shoes! (What self-respecting gal doesn't?!)

This one is my little winter wine glass a friend gave me one year.

Now that I think about it... I seem to have quite a FEW wine-related ornaments! Maybe there's a New Years resolution in there somewhere? Hmmmmm....

This pic includes a couple favorites. The reindeer with its cute wiggley legs - I have 3 of those actually. Then there is that fun little owl made out of twigs and things - can you see him? He is right above the gold ball with the big red bowl. I got that one at Pier 1 - they always have the CUTEST ornaments! Love!

And here are all my precious lovelies from my tree all packed up for another year, nice and tidy!

Well, that's all for today! I hope you all had a productive day as well. Or not! 


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